The 2 Billion People Vision

Developing Artificial Intelligence solutions that enhance the quality of life and wellbeing of 2 billion people in emerging market.


An Expanded approach to accelerate our Vision

DSN is positioned as a global organization with strong local roots in emerging market. We deliver solutions that solve real problems for local communities across many countries.


Partnership-Based Business Model

DSN solution development and consulting model run through a distributed talent company model, where it runs a globally diverse network of expert consultants and partner companies who will collaboratively work with DSN full-time in-house staff to deliver world-class solutions under its new partnership program. DSN is seeking partners in these areas:
  • AI/Data Science Education/Training Providers
  • Data Science Project Consulting and Delivery
  • AI/Data Science Talent Management and Deployment
  • AI/Data Science Services for Small Business
  • Data Warehousing Management Consultancy
  • Data Governance and Ethics Consultancy
  • Data Collection and Research Companies
  • EdTech related Services and Products


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Data Scientists Network

Growing Quickly

AI+ professionals and educators that teach Artificial Intelligence and business education to a fast-growing global audience.

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Expanded delivery Network

Global Learning Network

Our project 24 is an effort to democratize the learning of Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, and associated specializations. We are building a network of experts who are gifting a minimum of 2 hours in a month over a 12-month period to support our 1 million AI talent vision. Experts are needed across the world to teach and mentor in English, French, Arabic, Portuguese.

Our New Products

High-impact Artificial Intelligence Solutions

DSN AI Innovation will be unveiling SpotOn, its geospatial AI precision analytics solution for retail and fintech and uLearn, its AI-powered augmented learning platform that activates learning for every child. DSN is currently building more high impact products in Health, Financial Inclusion, Agriculture, and others.

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Geospatial AI Precision Analytics
solution for retail and fintech

uLearn ng


AI-powered augmented learning 
platform that activates learning for every child

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